Looking for network cabling services in Orange County? HB Security Cameras is among leading structured cable installers in Orange County. We are a one-stop shop for all your cabling needs including CAT 5, CAT 6, network cable, data cable, optic fiber cable and network cable in Orange County.

Our team of expert and experienced technicians offer professional data network cabling and wiring services to all industries including hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, retail stores, government offices, etc. We work closely with IT and management companies, interior designers and architects, etc.

Our extremely qualified technicians and low voltage installers are specialized in designing, implementation, installation, and servicing of sophisticated network systems.

network cabling services in Orange County


Our Network Cabling and Wiring services include:

  • Network & Data Cabling – We design and construct systems of flawless communication and integration connecting IT machines using optic fiber, CAT 5 and CAT 6 cables.
  • Structured Cabling – We use industry standardized designs for office backbone connections using optic fiber, CAT 5 and CAT 6 cables.
  • Server Rack Cabling – Labeled and well-structured cabling that revolves around data center racks.
  • Cable and Wiring Repair Services – Diagnosis and repair of troubles, in addition to upgrades and improvement of existing cabling systems.

We offer network cabling and wiring services for various situations, including:

  • Network Cabling for New Business – There are lots of practicalities linked with a new business setup. HB Security Cameras can take responsibility for your network cabling and infrastructure setup, making your start smoother. We can quickly set up your network systems by installing network cables for in-office and backbone infrastructure.
  • Network Cabling for Business Relocation – If you are relocating your existing business to a new place, HB Security Cameras analyze your requirements and design a fully functional and reliable cable network system. Subsequently, our professional low voltage cable installers can install and wire your network systems. Lastly, they will perform tests and make sure everything is done in the right way for smooth functioning.
  • Improve Existing Infrastructure – HB Computers can alter your existing infrastructure with least interruption to your business. We run diagnostics, perform repairs and improve your existing system, and then develop and enhance your structure using the state-of-the-art technology and premium products.

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From CAT 5 cabling, CAT 6 cabling to optic fiber cabling and video cabling, we can handle all of your data & voice network requirements. All our network cabling and wiring services can be offered independently or as part of an overall design and installation package for your business.

HB Security Cameras offer free site visits and surveys to assess your requirements and offer absolutely free estimates for network cabling and wiring services in Orange County & LA County.

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