One of the major threats to your business or home is a theft. Thus, it is essential to protect your home or business with the most up-to-date security systems. Proper security camera installation and video surveillance systems can add a further layer of protection and peace of mind.

HB Security Cameras offer security camera installation services with a full range of video surveillance systems to monitor your home and business. Our security experts can visit your premises and can design a perfect security plan for your property. We offer a huge range of security cameras including bullet cameras, dome cameras, PTZ cameras, hidden cameras, etc. We deal in all top brands of security cameras including HIKVISION, SONY, NETGEAR, FOSCAM, LOGITECH, etc,

security camera installation


We offer a full range of services for residential security camera installation. Having security cameras installed on your property, you can not only get protection from theft but also can keep an eye over the family when you are out of town. Our technicians can help you choose the right security cameras for your home.


It is very important for you to do the security camera installation at your business place. Having security cameras installed outside your office you check who is coming in and going out of your office. Security camera installation inside office can help you keep an eye over employees.


Having security camera installation at your factory or warehouse can be extremely useful to you. A smart security camera installation can protect employees, aid in building security, reduce chances of theft, and deter trespassing. You can remotely monitor activities via your Smartphone or tablet.

Security Camera Installation in Los Angeles & Orange County

Besides them, we offer security camera installation services for small businesses and large corporations, government offices, schools and colleges, crèche and daycare centers, etc. We are not just limited to them; we can actually do security camera installation anywhere you want.

Our security cameras come with a huge range of features including high definition cameras of clear views, wide-angle cameras for capturing wider areas, infrared cameras for night vision, waterproof cameras and wireless cameras. Our all security cameras come with remote monitoring features and hence you can keep an eye on your property via your Smartphone from all across the globe.

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